二 O O 一 年 西 文 原 版 新 书 目

索 书 号 书     名 著  作  者
27.2756/l256 1998 the wealth and poverty of nations: why some are so rich and some so poor david s. landes
27.2757/a428(2) 1999 financial crises and recession in the global economy roy e. allen
27.332/b575 1998 democracy and development: allies or adversaries r.c. bhardwaj k. vijayakrishnan
27.332/s617 1999 development economics r.k.sinha
27.335/c683(3) 1998 macroeconomics david c.colander
27.335/g233(5) 1997 personal finance e. thomas garman raymond e forgue
27.335/g685 1996 principles of macroeconomics fred m gottheil
27.335/k64 1999 principles of macroeconomics modeling lawrence robert klein
27.335073/h236 1999 handbook of macroeconomics john b taylor michael woodford
27.237/c845 1999 utility and production: theory and applications pablo coto-mill
27.343/v719(2) 1999 equilibrium and efficiency in production economics antonio villar
27.344/r336 1999 regional sustainability: applied ecological economics bridging the gap between natural and social sciences irene ring
28.1/e78 1999 essays in economic globalization,transnational policies and vulnerability alexander kouzmin
28.1033/g728 1999 pathways to economic development richard grubowaki
28.1033/t994 1997 competition in the 21st century kirk w.m. tyson
28.1037/k73 1998 knowledge societies: information technology for sustainable development robin mansell, uta when
28.11/t136(7) 1996 taking sides: clashing views on controversial issues in word politics john t. rourke
28.1727/o-74 1999 globalization and history kevin h. oourke jeffrey g williamson
28.1773m961 1999 multilateralism and regionalism in the post-uruguay round era: what role for the eu? olga memedovic arie kuyvenhoven willem t.m. molle
28.1853/w927e 1999 world economic and social survey,1999: trends and policies in the world economy

28.19w563(2) 1986 economic geography wheeler james o.
28.461/s588 199 democracy and economic growth s.l.n. simha
28.46146/g273 1998 management of poverty alleviation in india k.d.gaur
28.464/n799 1997 economic and social progress in asia: why pakistan did not become a tiger omar noman
28.4909/m647 1964-11th the middle east and north africa  
28.51/u58 1999no1 economic survey of europe united nations
28.563/r288(6) 1997 real world economic applications: the wall street journal workbook michael b. lehman
28.586/a484 2000 economic liberalization and industrial performance in brazil edmund amann
28.5633/u58 1979 economic report of the president transmitted to the congress: together with the council of economic advisers united states
29.1 a546(5) 1992 quantitative methods for business david ray anderson
29.1/b724 1994 contemporary business louis e.boone
29.1/f234 1984 advances in international comparative management greenwich com
29.1304563/h236 19993rd handbook of u.s. labor statistics: employment, earning, prices, productivity, and other labor data  
29.13073/h236 1999 handbook of labor economics  
29.13404563/p737 1996-97 the almanac of american employers jack w. plunkett
29.1522/a633(3) 1999 the antitrust revolution : economics, competition, and policy  
29.1524/b366(3) 1997 international management : text and cases paul w. beamish, allen morrison, philip m. rosenzweig
29.153/h339 1999 harvard business review on corporate strategy  
29.1533/f157 1999 competitors : outwitting, outmaneuvering, and outperforming liam fahey
29.154/b711 1996 managing your priorities from star to success william j. bond
29.154/g396 1996 the flexible enterprise : how to reinvent your company, unlock your strengths, and prosper in a changing world david gewirtz
29.154/m266(2) 1997 management : quality and competitiveness john m. ivancevich
29.154/n849 1998 designing interactive strategy : from value chain to value constellation richard normann and pafael ram
29.154/s586 1995 overdrive : managing in crisis-filled times michael silva, terry mcgann
29.15403/h279 1998 mastering the art of creative collaboration robert hargrove
29.1541/r966(2) 1998 operations management : focusing on quality and competitiveness roberta s. russell, bernard w. taylor
29.1546038/c565 1997 environmental life cycle analysis david f. ciambrone
29.1547/h582 1994 financial accounting and managerial control for nonprofit organizations regina e. herzlinger, denise nitterhouse
29.15472/g244 2000 probability methods for cost uncertainty analysis : a systems engineering perspective paul r. garvey
29.15493/h339 1999 harvard business review on effective communication  
29.15493/l764 1993 the team net factor : bring the power of boundary crossing into the heart of your business jessica lipnack, jeffrey stamps
29.154931/j54 1994 multiple perspectives of enterpreneurship :text, reading, and cases daniel f. jennings
29.15495/s478 1995 information technology in business : principles, practices, and opportunities james a. senn
29.1645/h842d(3) 1999 housing and community development  
29.18/c771(5) 1993 introduction to management science thomas m. cook, robert a. russell
29.18/m333 1998 simulation-based inference in econometrics : methods and applications roberto mariano, til schuermann, and melwyn j.weeks
29.18/m822 1999 mathematical methods for economic theory james c. moorc
29.203/k96 1995 calculations for engineering economic analysis max kurtz
29.2076/u-58 2000 u.s. industry trade outlook  
29.21563/w614(3) 1991 the legal environment of business douglas whitman, john william gergacz
29.245/e67 1994 competing by design : creating value and market advantage in new product development craig erhorn and john stark
29.2463/l673 1999 facility manager's portable handbook bernard t. lewis
29.274/h339 1999 harvard business review on managing high-tech industries  
29.2746/s446 2000 secrets of software success : management insights from 100 software firms around the world detlev j. hoch
29.278071/s428(-) 1993 the crafts business encyclopedia : the modern craftsperson's guide to marketing, management, and money michael scott
29.321563/b916 1998 u.s. land natural resources policy : a public issues handbook gary c. bryner
29.415/p188 1992 the business grammar handbook scott r. pancoast and lance m. white
29.4159073/w319 1999 how to conquer the world : a directory of 8000 international business resources on the internet garrett wasny
29.4181/h339 1999 harvard business review on brand management  
29.4181/n712 1998 competitive branding : winning in the market place with value-added brands torsten h. nilson
29.419/b274 1995 forensic marketing : optimizing results from marketing communication : the essential guide gavin barrett
29.419/b513(5) 1997 marketing eric n. berkowitz
29.419/b724c(8) 1995 contemporary marketing, plus louis e. boone, david l. kurtz
29.419/d579(3) 1994 marketing research in a marketing environment william r. dillion, thomas j. madden, neil h. firtle
29.419/h141 1997 net gain : expanding markets through virtual communities john hagel
29.419/j13 1994 strategic database marketing rob jackson, paul wang
29.419/m345g 1995 marketing encyclopedia : issues and trends shaping the future  
29.419/q5 1996 the quest for loyalty : creating value through partnership      
29.419/w187(5) 1997 the wall street journal : applications in marketing : for use with marketing eric n. berkowitz
29.41903/d151 1995 basic marketing management douglas j. dalrymple, leonard j. parsons
29.41904563/h673(5) 1992 marketing mistakes robert f. hartley
29.41905/g233(3) 1995 consumer economic issues in america e. thomas garman
29.4195/s358 2000 electronic commerce gary p. schneider and james t. perry
29.4196/p376(2) 1991 visual merchandising and display martin m. pegler
29.4197/b427(3) 1995 introduction to advertising and promotion : an integrated marketing communications perspective george e. belch, michael a. belch
29.439562/f959(4) 1992 business in the canadian environment peter h. fuhrman
29.44/e19c 1999 economic growth and international trade  
29.4492/j65 1997 global marketing : foreign entry, local marketing, and global management johny k. johansson
29.4492/l234 1996 global marketing douglas lamont
29.4595104/e59 1997 european commercial expansion in early modern asia  
29.45952711/r969 1998 russian trade policy reform for wto accession  
29.459563/m281 1999 is the u.s. trade deficit sustainable catherine l mann
29.4595631/t763 1989 trade policy review .  
29.499072/c 1995 conversation spanish for hospitality managers and supervisors: basic language skills for daily supervisors matt a. casado
29.4992/a172 1999 accommodation management: perspectives for the international hotel industry  
29.681/g841 1999  governance in "cyberspace"access and public interest in global communications klaus w. grewlich
29.6903/a769 2000 the development of sustainable tourism lars aronson
29.69076/a615 1999 annuaire des syatistiques du tourism: yearbook of tourism statistics  
29.694/w927 1999-4th world tourism directory  
29.7104/w341 1999 international capital markets : developments and prospects 1990  
29.7104511/f491w 1998 financial management for the public services john wilson
29.7104563/c734 1998 cch federal taxation basic principles  
29.71076/i61-y 1981 international financial statistics yearbook  
29.7121563/s855(2) 1998 economics of the public sector joseph e. stiglitz
29.7123/b927a 1985 budget of the u.s. government u.s.
29.7123/u58 2000 budget of the u.s. government analytical perspectives u.s.
29.72076/o68 1999 organization for economic co-operation and development revenue statistics=statisti-ques des recettes publiques: 1965-1998
29.7255/w538 1991 west's federal taxation  
29.75/a425 2000 comparing financial system franklin allen
29.750444/v666 1999 vietnam and the east asian crisis  
29.758/i-61 1982 v-4 international monetary fund  
29.758/l664 1998 international financial markets richard m. levich
29.758044/f491 1998 the financial crisis in asia and foreign direct investment  
29.7604563/s431(2) 1999 markets and institutions william scott
29.769/d186 1999 international monetary and financial economics joseph p. daniels
34.031/k16(2) 1999 metaphysical elements of justice :part 1 of the metaphysics of morals immanuel kant.
34.031/l415 1999 the law in philosophical perspectives :my philosophy of law luc j.wintgens.
34.031/m978 1998 character ,liberty ,and law :kantian essays in theory and practice jeffrie g.murphy.
34.031/0-61 1999 selected papers in legal philosophy kazimierz oplek
34.031/t627 1999 to promote the general welfare :a communitarian legal reader david e.carney.
34.031v126 1999 truth and authority in vice's universal law mirella vaglic
34.035/g558(2) 1999 comparative legal traditions in a nutshell mery ann glendon,michael wallace gordon,
34.0389/l415 1999 law and the arts susan tiefenbrun
35.1/d444(13) 2000 dicey and morris on the conflict of laws.  
35.122/c734 1998 commentary on the united nations convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances 1988:done at vienna on 20 december 1988.  
35.127/p895 2000 practitioner's guide to cross-border insolvencies jon yard arnason,ian m.fletcher.
35.1274/a857 1999 the legal, engineering and social perspectives of surface mining law and reclamation by land filling: getting maximum yield from surface mines robert leeaston.
35.1275/e61e 1996 an environmental law anthology robert l.fischman, maxine i.lipele,mark s.squillace.
35.128/b218 1999 bank failures and bank insolvency law in economies in transition rosam. lastra, henry n.schiffman.
35.128/i-86 1999 issues in derivative instruments edward j. swan
35.14/c886 1999 privacy and employment law john d.r.craig.
35.15/l734 1998 the limits and expanding liability :eight fundamental cases in a comparative perspective j.spider.
35.152/c761 1999 contemporary property law paul jackson, david c.wilde.
35.153/d582 1998 contract theory :the evolution of contractual intent larry a.dimattee.
35.153/f236 1998 changing your mind: the law of regretted decisions e.allan farnsworth.
35.154/i-61m 1999 intellectual property aspects of ethno biology michael blakeney.
35.154073/i-61 (3) 1999 international directory of ip law firms, 2000.  
35.1543/t763 (4) 2000 trademarks throughout the world anne marie greene.
35.159/k63 1999 family life and family interests: a comparative study of the influence of the european convention of human rights on dutch family law and the influence of the united states constitution on american family law gerda a.kleijkamp.
35.16/y-46 1998 unrestrained killings and the law: a comparative analysis of the laws of provocation and excessive self-defense in india ,england ,and australia. stanley yeo.
35.161511/g874 1999 housing law and policy david cowan.
35.162/i-11 1999 access device fraud and related financial crimes jerry iannacci ron morris.
35.164/c623 2000 the offender in the community todd r. clear harry r.dammer.
35.169/a237 (2) 1995 criminology freda adler gerhard o.w.mueller ]willam s.laufer
35.169/c678 1998 evaluating criminology and criminal justice ellen g.cohn, david p.farrington, richard a.wright.  
35.169/r349(2) 1999 comparative criminal justice systems :a topical approach philip l.reichel.
35.169/s347 1996 criminology today frank challenger.
35.1699/w765 1998 politics ,punishment ,and populism windlexham,david james george hennessy ,politics ,punishment ,and
35.171/c486 1997 chartered institute of arbitrators(great britain) the commercial way to justice: the 1996international conference of the chartered institute of arbitrators geoffrey m.beresford hartwell
35.177/a218 2000 crime scene investigation thomas f.adams. jeffrey lee krutsinger.
35.188/m537 1998 the interfaces of medicine and law: the history of the liability for negligently caused psychiatric injury (nervous shock) danuta mendelson.
35.204/b527 1999 women and property in china kathryn bernhardt.  
35.254/i-61 (2) 1999 intellectual property in the global marketplace melvin simensky lanning g.bryer neil j.wilkof.
35.461/l415 1999 law and changing society man ju saxena andharish chandra
35.4611/h415 1999 disputes and arguments amongst nomads: a caste council in india robert m. hayden
35.46129/i-39 1999 india business law handbook  
35.46159/s624 1999 matrimonial property law in india sivaramayya b.
35.50291/d489 1999 developments in european company law  
35.51/c338 1999 cases and materials on european community law george a. bermann...[et.al]
35.51/f363 1999 the rule of law in the european constitution fernandez esteban maria luisa
35.51/i-34m 1998 improving the quality of legislation in europe alfred e. kellermann?/p> [et ai.]
35.51/k17(3) 1998 introduction to the law of the european communities kapteyn,p.j.g.
35.51028/e89(2) 1999 european banking law ross cranston
35.51029/d552 1999 internet and electronic commerce law in the european union dickie,john
35.5105/t737(2) 1998 towards a european civil code arthur hartkamp?/p>
35.511/t973(4) 1999 how to do things with rules: a primer of interpretation twining, william l.
35.511/m968 (2) 1999 studies in constitutional law munro,colin r.
35.511275/d225 1999 environmental crime fiona darroch peter harrison
35.511275/e61 2000 environmental law david woolley?/font>
35.511275/l379 1999 waste regulation law duncan laurence
35.51128/c599 1999 the law of insurance contracts malcolm a. clarke
35.51129/l415 1998 business law richard lawson
35.511291/g848 1998 uk company law nicholas grier
35.511291/r288 1998 the realm of company law: a collection of papers in honor of professor leonard sealy,sj berwin professor of corporate law at the university of cambridge barry ak rider
35.5113/g148 (4) 1998 galbraith's building and land management law for students anne galbraith?/font>
35.5113/s736 1999 a new land law peter sparks.
35.51149/b162 (2) 1998 children, the modern law andrew bainham
35.5115/c297 (4) 1998 mareva injunctions and anton pillar relief steven geec
35.5115/c764(2) 1999 contract ,tort ,and restitution stephen h eadley
35.5115/t711 1999 tortuous liability of statutory bodies: a comparative look at five cases b.s.markesinis
35.511542/r353(3) 1999 a practical guide to patent law brian c.reid
35.5116/c376 1999 criminal justice 2000:strategies for a new century michael cavadino jain crow james dignan
35.5116/r936 1998 crime, punishment, and the drinking offender judith rumgay
35.5116/s438 (2) 1999 criminal evidence and procedure: the essential framework stephen sbrooke john sprack
35.5116/w952 1999 restoring respect for justice: a symposium martin wright
35.51162/c929h 1999 crime, protest and police in modern british society : essays in memory of david j.v.johes david w.howell kenneth o.morgan
35.51162/g862 1999 crime and social change in middle england: questions of order in an english town evi grilling ian loader richard sparks
35.5117/o93 1998 limitation of actions david w. oughton
35.51174073/a244 (5) 2000 advocacy inns of court school of law debbie abrahamson
35.5118/g333 1999 paths to justice: what people do and think about going to law hazel genn with sarah beinart
35.5118/h263 1998 diversion in the criminal process christopher harding, gavin ding wall
35.5118/l187 1999 care or custody: mentally disordered offenders in the criminal justice system judith m. laing
35.51182/d278 1999  woolf's principles of judicial review de smith, s.a.
35.51185073/c748 (5) 2000 conference skills/inns of court school of law rosemary samwell-smith,marcus soanes
35.51187/b396 1998 religion in prison: equal rites in a multi-faith society james a. beckford and sophie gilliat
35.51204/o81 1999 studies in trish legal history w.n.osborough
35.51762/o68 1998 organized crime in the netherlands cyrille fijnaut
35.51762/s291 1998 fighting money laundering: with comments of the legislation of the netherlands antilles and aruba cees d. schaap
35.523/i61 1998 introduction to hungarian law attila harmathy
35.526027/039 1999 the competition law of central and eastern europe marjo ojala
35.53029/b981 1998 business laws in the nordic countries: legal and tax aspects erling hoyte
35.63162/l285 1998 criminal law in denmark lars bo langsted,vagn greve,peter garde
35.54428/k97 1999 lay participation in criminal trials: a case of croatia sanjia kutniak tvkovich
35.556629/s726 1999 south africa business law handbook  
35.56162/t772 1999 transnational crime in the americas: an inter-american dialogue book tom farer
35.563/p568 (3) 1999 philosophical problems in the law david m.adams
35.563/s986 1998 conflict of laws: american, comparative, international: cases and materials symeen g. symmeonides wendy collins perddue arthur t.von mehren. st.poul minn.
35.5631/b877 1999 religion, law and the land: native americans and the judicial interpretation of soared land brain edword brown.
35.5631/c758e 1998 constitutional stupidities, constitutional tragedies william n.eskridge sanford levinson.
35.5631/c758p 1999 constitutional debates on freedom of religion: a documentary history john j. patrick gerald p.long
35.5631/e64p(2) 1995 constitutional law for a changing america. institutional powers and constraints lee epstein thomas g.walker.
35.5631/p464w 1999 we the people: the fourteenth amendment and the supreme court michael j.perry.
35.5631/w626 1999 constitutional interpretation: textual meaning, original intent, and judicial review keith e.whittington.
35.5632/a238 (4) 1999 administrative law and regulatory policy: problems, text, and cases stephen g.breyer.
35.56327/k62 (5) 1998 intellectual property and unfair competition edmund w.kitch harvey s.perlman
35.563275/e61a (30 1999 environmental protection: law and policy frederick r.anderson
35.563275/l235u 1999 land use, environment review f.a.strom.
35.56328/c338 (4) 1994 cases and materials on fundamentals of partnership taxation stephen a.lind.
35.56328/i-61 1996-1997- international income taxation: code-tax regulations, selected sections. richard c.pugh charles h.gustafson
35.56328/m282 1999 payment systems and other financial transactions: cases, materials and problems ronald j. mann.
35.56328/t235e 1997 1997tax legislation: law, explanation, and analysis: taxpayer relief act of 1997.  
35.56328/w552 (5) 1999 problems and materials on law douglas j. whaley.
35.56329/c524 (3) 2000 contemporary business law henry r.cheeseman.
35.56329/g548 1994 the legal environment of business: a policy perspective douglas k.glasgow. minneapolist.
35.5634/c314 (4) 1995 labor relations and collective bargaining: cases, practice, and law machael r.carrell christina heavrin.
35.5634/l123 1999 labor and constitution david l.gregory.
35.56349/b292 1994 juvenile justice in america clemens bartollas.
35.56349/w123 1983 cases and materials on children in the legal system wadlington,walter.
35.5635/a745(2) 1994 government contact guidebook donald p.arnavas willim j.ruberry.
35.5635/e64t 1999 torts richard a epstein
  35.5635/f263 (3) 1999 contracts e allan farnsworth
35.5635/f981 1999 the fundamental interrelationships between government and property nicholas mercuro warren j.samels
35.5635/m235 (3) 1999 estates in land and future interests: problems and answers john madison
35.5635/s215 1998 redacting on trial: a study of mass tort litigation joseph sanders
35.5635/s924 (5) 1999 the copyright book: a practical guide william s.strong
35.563541/t137 (2) 1999 commonsense copyright: a guide for educators and librarians r. s. talab.
35.5636/g228 (7) 1999 criminal law: principles and cases thomas j.gardner terry m.anderdon.
35.5636/l668 1999 origins of the fifth amendment: the right against self-incrimination leonard w.levy.
35.56362/d996 1999 the perpetual prisoner machine: how american profits from crime joel dyer.
35.56362/i-89 (2) 2000 it's a crime: women and justice roslyn muraskin.
35.56362/s519 2000 investment intelligence from insider trading h.nejat seyhun.
35.56362/s678 1993 the socio-conomics of crime and justice brian forst.
35.56362/k43 1998 the baltimore case: a trial of politics, science, and character daniel j. kevels.
35.56362/l986 (2) 2000 organized crime michael d. lyman gary w. potter.
35.56362/w331 1999 crime-immigrant youth tony waters.
35.56364/a512 1998 america's experiment with capital punishment: reflections on the past, present, and future of the ultimate penal sanction james r. acker. robert m. bohm charles s. lanier.
35.56371/m131 (3) 1997 the litigation paralegal: a systems approach james w.h.mccord
35.56372/m649 1999 criminal procedure-the police: cases, statutes, and executive materials marc l. miller. ronald f. wright.
35.56372/m649c 1999 criminal procedures: prosecution and adjudication: cases, statutes, and executive materials marc l. miller. ronald f. wright.
35.56373/m182 1999 confidential informant: law enforcement抯 most valuable tool john madinger.
35.5638/a116p (6) 1997 probation and parole: theory and practice howard abadinsky.
35.5638/ a116 (7) 2000 probation and parole: theory and practice howard abadinsky.
35.56382/g362 1999 first principles: the jurisprudence of clarence thmas. scott douglas gerber.
35.56382/i-71 1999 a people抯 history of the supreme court peter irons.
35.56385/c284 1997 introduction to para legalism rhonda carlson.
35.56385/k344 1998 regulation of lawyer, statutes and standards  
35.56387/f295 1998 judicial policy making and the modern state: how the courts reformed american's prisons   malcolm m.feeley. edward l.rubin.
35.56387/r139 1999 prisons in american: a reference handbook nicole hahn rafter and debra l. stanley.
35.56387/s644 2000 law and contemporary corrections christopher e. smith.
35.592291/b531 1998 company law and governmence: an australian perspective sandra barns paula baron
35.59329/e32 1999 egypt business law handbook  
35.59329/n532 1999 new zealand business law handbook  
35.9/a313c 1998 cornelius van rynkershoek: his role in the history of international law kinji akashi
35.9/e89 1999 the european union and its order: the legal theory of european integration zenon bankowski andrew scott.
35.9/g493 1998 from soviet to russian international law: studies in continuity and change george ginshurgs.
35.9/i-96 1998 international law, human rights and japanese law: the impact of international law on japanese law  yuji iwasawa
35.9/l418 1998 lawmaking in european union paul craig carol harlow.
35.9/l695 1998 libber indecorum: professor ignaz seidl-hohenveldern in honor of his 80th birthday gerhard hafner
35.9/m463 1999 max planck yearbook of united nations law.  
35.904/g841 2000 the epochs of international law wilhelm g.grewe
35.904511/f557 1998 judge sir gerald fit maurice and the discipline of international law: opinions on the international court of justice, 1961-1973 j.g. merrills/
35.9056/s413 1999 legal knowledge representation: automatic text analysis in public international and european law erich schweighofer.
35.91088/p157 1998 the palestine yearbook of international law.  
35.915/a232 1998 ism code: a practical guide in the legal and insurance implications philip andorson.
35.915/c563 (3) 1983 the law of the sea r.r.churchill and a.v. lowe.
35.926/d427 1998 a guide to the new icc rules of arbitration yves derains eric a.schwartz.
35.926/r314 (3) 1999 law and practice of international commercial arbitration alan redfern martin hunter. mart
35.9261/i-61 1995 international tribunal for the prosecution of pardons responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of the former yug0oslavia since 1991  
35.93/y39 1998 yearbook of international humanitarian law  
35.93088/i-61 1995 international court of justice  
35.9391/i-61a 1996 international court of justice  
35.952/m234 2000 the major international treaties of the twentieth century j.a.s. greenville and bernard wasserstein.
35.961/i-61 1999 international execution against judgment debtors dobbs ferry,n.y.
35.962/k29 1999 it law in the european union denis kelleher karen murray.
35.9623/f238 1998 parallel trade in europe melanie farquharson vincent smith.
35.9623/s272 1999 playing darts with a rembrandt: public and private rights in cultural treasures joseph l. sax.
35.986/d575 (3) 1998 theory and practice of european convention on human rights p.van dj jk g.j.h.van hoof.
35.986/e89a 1999 the eu and human rights philip alston
35.986/e92p 1998 preventing torture: a study of european convention for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment malcolm d. evans rod morgan
35.986/32 1998 a systematic guide to the case law of the european court of human rights, 1995-1996. peter kompees.
35.986/s545 1999 remedies in international human rights law dinah shelton.
35.986/s968 1998 the international law of human rights and states of exception: with special reference to the travail purgatories and case law of the international monitoring organs. anna lena svensson mccarthy.
35.99/a681 1999 legal rules and international society anthony clark around.
35.992/r311 (3) 1999 basic documents on international trade law chia jui cheng
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